Audit Service

Our company serves not only local but also international clients.

One of the our companie’s activity area is Audit Services. Highly experienced our team members in Audit services will give necessary support to your company for  financial reporting , doing them in an appropriate form  İnternational standarts  and  General standarts on Auditing .

While Auditing our job containes not only to express opinion financial report, but also control it, if there are operation risks they will be determined , adviced for managing them.

Our Audit services are followings:

  • Controlling activity area of financal-economic, expertising and analysing and giving written opinion
  • Auditing of national and international financial accounting standarts to do for financial report
  • İnternal audit services
  • To confirm the accuracy of Financial reporting indicators
  • Analysing of companie’s payable and receivable accounts
  • To investigate optimallity of financial expenses
  • Auditing of accounting and tax reports