Legal services

Your company can avoid risks and litigation by help of our professional legal supportive team.
You will find an opportunity by trusting our team so you will getting better quality service for focusing other important sphere for business development.

Our legal services are followings:

Services for Juridical persons:

  • Clearance and registration of the real estate law and connected with its bargaining.
  • Forming of rental contract and clearance of government registration.
  • Legal accompaniment of construction activities.
  • Legal aid for non-commersial organizations.
  • Providing daily legal support to the activities of organizations.
  • Suggesting solutions to civil and economic disputes.
  • Provision of legal services in the field of intellectual property.
  • Establishment of companies in various speciallization-legal forms, reorganization and cancellation.
  • Preparation of civil law contracts, providing legal opinions on existing contracts.

Services for Natural persons:

  • Clearance and registration of real estate rights and connected with its bargainings.
  • Formalizing rights of land parcels (Reformalizing).
  • Privatization of places of residence.
  • Obtaining construction permits and agreeing on project documentation.
  • Providing legal support in land disputes.
  • Legal support of real estate transactions.
  • Making up agreements with different content.
  • Legal support at the time of inheritance.
  • Advising on civil cases in court.