Ali Badalov, one of the leading marketing experts in Azerbaijan, is one of InvestAudit’s independent experts. Ali Badalov graduated from Azerbaijan Technical University, joint MBA program of Azerbaijan State Oil Academy and Georgia State University of the USA, business management in professional development program of German Management Academy. Our colleague, who started his career at “Bank of Baku” in 2006, later worked various high positionsin marketing in companies such as “Bank Respublika”, “Demirbank”, “Pahabank”, “Auto Azerbaijan”, “Kontakt Home”, “SOCAR” and “Irshad Electronics”. In addition to participating in many local and foreign trainings, he established an academy for train marketing specialists in the local market and trained dozens of staff.



Obligations in the company are followings:


  • Preparation of the company’s development strategy
  • Preparation of the marketing strategy
  • Creating a sales team
  • CRM customer relationships management and DATA analytics
  • Cross-selling organization and management
  • Proper customer tracking and application of sustainable sales tools
  • Preparation and implementation of the PR strategy